Friday, July 8, 2011

Women's Fashion never far away

I'm having a fab holiday... Gold Coast now and then on to Noosa. 
Thanks to my daughter I have now experienced many of the rides at Wet 'n Wild - quite an accomplishment for someone who doesn't enjoy the sun and water!!  It was, however, great to see my daughter finally being able to enjoy these pursuits.  We're all enjoying the clear blue skies every day, the sun on our bodies whilst walking along the beach, and being able to relax.  I've read Wendy Harmer's 'Friends like these' book, something I usually never have the time to do.  Mind you, I'm disappointed with Wendy Harmer.  Her storyline continues the ridiculous romantic ideal of happy every after heterosexual relationships - I thought she was a progressive feminist, but not any more. 
I'm looking forward to returning home to photograph and list some new styles on my website and see what you think of them.  'Til then, enjoy whatever you are doing and be in the moment.

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