Saturday, October 19, 2013

Catch up

If only I were good at keeping in touch with everyone better!!  Family, friends, colleagues etc. I value you all of you.  I'm going to spend some time right now to try to reduce the number of people I 'owe' to keep in touch. 
I'm enjoying my online fashion business - I've been able to do a lot of reading of material from the U.S. regarding getting visitors to my website, so I'm very pleased to report that I have on average now 2,000 visitors per day to my store.  They're not buying yet.... that's the next stage I've worked on.  I have put stage 2 into place - I thought I had a week ago but I'd missed a setting or two so it wasn't in action.  Hope it's right now and that this remarketing technique increases sales.  We'll see.  I find it all very interesting - I need a challenge.
Loving the fashion that's around now - lots of natural fibres, lots of bright coloured accessories to add some buzz to our neutrals, and the main thing is that the choice of styling is yours, to fit your body shape and style.
I'm still loving Ayala Bar jewellery, the Zaket & Plover summer tops, the St-Martins dresses, and the Noa Noa tunics.

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