Saturday, August 28, 2010


Have sourced and ordered some wonderful styles for next Winter.  Very exciting.  The two Aussie labels I currently have in my collection are not truly representative of the style I want to promote so I have been looking for alternatives.  The three I have found are wonderful - they fit my 'style', fabulous fabrics, wonderful designs/shapes and they're Australian!  Frey, Husk and Zaket and Plover.  So next Winter my  online store collection will have French labels 'one step' and IKKS, DDP, Brazilian label Gisele Barbosa, Spanish label HOSS Intropia, Italian label Penny Black, and Australian labels Frey, Husk and Zaket and Plover.  Lots of knitwear, lots of coats.
Meanwhile, I am just uploading details of Australian made glass jewellery label Fuzen styles that I've just purchased.  Great addition, fun and funky, to my jewellery collection.  Enjoy.

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