Monday, August 23, 2010


News from the fashion front!!  I will include a couple more pics of new season Spring/Summer 2010 French label 'one step' styles to inspire you.  Meanwhile, I've also picked up two new styles from Theadz and just one from Boo Radley (both inexpensive, Australian labels).  I am actually off to order next years Spring/Summer 'one step' collection later this week.  Definitely difficult to keep up with what season/year it is!!  Am so looking forward to the Spanish label 'HOSS Intropia' joining my collection in Jan/Feb next year, and Italian label 'Penny Black' around the same time.  Thought I had my Autumn/Winter collection for next year all ordered.... but, on my journey to source new Australian labels for my store I have found a fabulous one!! Very exciting.... the order is in!! An ex Veronika Maine designer has started her own label, called 'Frey'.  It's new into stores this year.  Wait until you see it.... Aussies and the rest of the world will love it.
That's more than enough for now.  Cheers.  Happy shopping.

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